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The Vauxhall Society – Why a Silent Gliss Curtain Track is perfect for families

At this blog, as well as looking at family trees and lineages we talk about things that are relevant to our own families and the current events that concern them, today we’ll be talking about how one family started supplying a silent gliss curtain track. More and more families both old and new are increasing the number of electronic gadgets in their home that makes life easier for both them and people in the Vauxhall society and curtain tracks are no exception. Silent Gliss originally started as a family company themselves and have now developed into a national brand with a long history or automating people’s homes.

The Vauxhall Society – How a family run commercial dishwasher companies are making headway

There are few industries left that are family run, The Vauxhall Society blog spoke to one such commercial dishwasher company however that is still family run, with the tradition being passed down from generation to generation. Family businesses seemed to be dying out in the 1980s and there were even less left in the commercial dishwasher industry by the early 2000, now though, this trend may well be reversing. Industrial dishwashers have become increasingly common in places that require catering equipment such as restaurants and commercial kitchens.

The Vauxhall Society – Decorating the home of William Ada family descendants with wallpaper direct

Decorating a large home is no small task, when using things like wallpaper direct, it has to be bought in such large quantities that it really can me a big challenge to source the raw wallpaper materials.


Large homes need to be ablle to apply Wallpapers direct to their walls, which is no easy tasks by any stretch of the imagination. In This Vauxahll Society post, we discuss how to decorate large family homes with bedroom wallpaper direct, to get a result that makes both the public and family happy.