Vegan Gifts for Christmas

Vegan Gifts for Christmas

I am thinking about what I can buy my daughter for Christmas and I would like to get a vegan gift i.e.┬ásomething really fashionable and yet also supports her vegan lifestyle. My daughter talks about ethical gifts so I thought I’d look into this and find out what is an ethical gift? We all understand that the fashion world has over the years been very damaging to the environment and we are all educated on the sweatshop labour of the eastern countries which give us cheap clothing in many High Street stores. We also recognise that the industry has been guilty of causing pollution with their products. Indeed many of the massive textile businesses have no concern for the environment and sustainability but rather keep their focus on profits. Often their practices can be inhumane and also damaging to the environment.

If you take a look at the clothes in your current wardrobe you will find labels that show you that they have been made in third world country sweat shops. Workers there would be working long hours for a pittance and these workers are not just adults but young children too. Work conditions are also bad with no breaks and continuous bullying and even abuse.

What are ethical vegan gifts?

When we talk about ethical vegan gifts what we are really talking about is a product which has been sourced or made where the rights of humans and animals are not abused or breached. But it is not just this it also includes the environment and demands that it is not damaged as a result of sourcing or creating the product.

Ethical fashion will ensure that scrupulous standards are considered and this includes everything from the economic social wellbeing to the preservation of the environment. We often look for the Fair Trade logo when purchasing goods and if you see this logo you will know that the company making the produce has bought in to the practice of reducing poverty and offers good deals for workers with fair wages.

If a product isn’t vegan friendly then it is not ethical as vegan friendly products will be 100% free of any cruelty to animals. However there are other factors that you may consider alongside vegan friendly which ensure that a product is truly ethical. One main consideration is the use of organic material within the fashion industry. This includes raw fibres which have not been treated by pesticides and insecticides during the production. Why you may ask is this a problem. Well these chemical will go into the soil and this will eventually have a negative affect on the health of any workers and also on the animals and plants in the area. So look out for the organic cottons when purchasing fashion items.


Finally I would just say this, when buying your gifts this Christmas take a look at the labels and rethink what would be ethical. Consider what you are supporting is it moral or immoral?